Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010-11-10 TV bento

My son asked his Dad, "Dad, What is TV dinner? does it taste good?", Dad went to get a kid TV dinner for him, then of cos he loves it. He asked his Mom, "Can I have TV dinner everyday?", Mom said, "...humm... no we can't, but you can have TV bento today" \T_T/

TV bento:
Jelly sandwich, cheese, apple and tomato.


  1. hehehe....that's a funny conversation! cute tv bento too!

  2. you're such a funny mommy! hope your son got as big a kick out of this one as i did :-)

  3. haha this is great. Unbelievable that this is just a jelly sandwich! i also love the picks!

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  5. Thanks all.

    After my son finished the bento, then I said, "You ate the TV, is it yummy?, he said "Yes", I said, "Yeah, no more TV... cos you already ate it... yeah... no more TV..." haha...