Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010-10-20 Super Pumpkin

1st graders have their pumpkin patch field trip at Joan's Farm yesterday, they are having so much fun and pick up their pumpkins. Elson writes on his journal saying he has the biggest "Super Pumpkin" in the whole wide world.
Yeahhhhh..... (,◭)

Super Pumpkin:
Persimmons, apples and tomato.


  1. Super cute for super pumpkin idea! Hahaha ... look at those muscles :)

  2. Love him! I bought persimmons today to carve too!
    Muscles are SO funny!

  3. haha.. cute Super pumpkin, the S is carved from pessimmons too?

    Pessimmons are perfect for carving Jack O lantern.
    I wanna try carving those mini apples too,do we carve after cutting the apple into smaller pieces?

  4. Thanks Lia Chen, my son always want to have some muscles. :p

    Thanks sherimiya, yeah persimmons is prefect for carving.

  5. Thanks Bobo, yes, the "Super S" is persimmon too. For the apple, I cut it into pieces first, carved the shape and face, then peel off the unuse skin. don't forget to mix with lemon juice or salt water to prevent browning. :p

  6. Super Jack o lantern! Love his muscles. Lol!