Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010-10-12 "The Blue Angels"

San Francisco Fleetweek 2010,
"The Blue Angels" air show.
Prefect weather in SF, both Elson and his classmate Brandon spend a nice afternoon there.

"The Blue Angels":
Butter buns, carrot, ham and cheeses, tomato.

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  1. I'm going to try to take my girls to see the Blue Angels next year. Fleet Week is always the same weekend as my eldest's birthday though.

  2. Love it! I've seen the Blue Angels a couple times. Lots of pilots in our family. Cute idea.

  3. The weather was perfect this year. My boy was too excited taking bart and bus there. Air show at home all week long. :p

    Thanks Kekumukula, happy belated birthday to your lovely girl. Love your chess cake, did you make it yourself?

    Thanks Krista, especially boys love this event. :p

  4. We watched them too: Thursday at Marina Green, Saturday at Aquatic Park and Sunday on Hyde Street at the reservoir. Wasn't it a great show? So thrilling! Your Blue Angels are cute!

  5. Thanks sherimiya, woo... you watched them 3 days in a row... you are big fans. They did a great job... when they have group performance, they are like touching each other.. man... it's great show. This is what make SF so special. :p which area do you think is better to watch the show?

  6. Aquatic Park is the best to see them closeup, and it's so loud and exciting! But Hyde Street, though farther away, gives a nice overview. Hard to choose!

  7. Hi sherimiya, I might try Aquatic Park next year, thanks for the info/ :p