Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010-09-30 Zebra and his friends

Elson is reading a book call: "Weird but true! 2" from National Geographic Kids. Last night, he asked me if I know Zebra's skin is black, only its fur is striped. I said, "Really! oh I don't know, it's good to know! Thank you for telling me" and he is real happy with my answer.
Happy Thursday! ٩(×̯×)۶

Zebra and his friends:
Ham and cheese sandwich, cheeses and seaweeds, peach and kiwi.

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  1. thanks, Lian. From this, I can make a lot of animals!!!

  2. So cute! Such an expressive zebra face.

  3. wow, I didnt know that either. thank him for teaching your readers too! lol And that zebra is just adorable. You did such a good job!!!!

  4. Thanks veganf.

    Hi Kelly, don't really want him to grow too fast. feeding him milk are just like yesterday, and he is reading a book now. learning everyday in life. :p
    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Lian mama,
    am such a big fans of yours...You always come up with fresh new ideas.. Love this zebra..^_^