Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Domo Kun transform to Aligator

This is very funny to share, a week ago I made a Domo Kun bento for my son, his school has noon dismissal that day, after I finished the bento, I set it on the table and went to pick him up. Only 15 mins, when we came back, I'm trying to surprise him... a..n..d (_☢) its surprise ME. The Domo Kun transform to Aligator....

Cheese melted because of the warm mac and cheese. I show him the original Domo Kun bento picture, we laugh for it at least 10 mins...then he finished the Aligator bento!

Life is full of surprise. I enjoyed every moment with my family.


Domo Kun transform to Aligator

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  1. Both of the version are so cute! Great mom always put a smile on their kid's face :)