Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review my old bento works

Just reviewed my bento from last school year for Elson, here is the top 3 most views bento from flickr photo site.

1st place (1109 views)
2010-01-15 White tiger hot lunch:
Pork and vegetable rice, white egg (tiger), cheese (paws), tangerines and pears.

2nd place (629 views)
2010-01-06 Monkichi Lover:
Mini pancakes, butter, cheeses, bbq chicken sticks and strawberries.

3rd place (558 views)
2010-01-27 McDonald double cheeseburger and fries:
Burger (Mini bagel with cream cheese, lettuce, spam and cheese), Fries (string cheeses and apples)


  1. These are so charming and sweet, love your cheerful bento style! White tiger paws are a wonderful touch :)!

    Also, LOVED your back to school bento featured at Just Bento, it was beautiful!

  2. Thanks Bentobird, same here, love your bento too... \^.^/

    Thanks Kekumukula.