Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yeah, First first time made more than 2 bento at a time. This morning, I made 40 bentos for Elson's birthday celebration at school, I've very worry last night... luckily I determine my design last night and made one sample. Wake up at 5am this morning, took me 4 hours plus my hubby 2 hours help... yeah we finished on time, presentation at 10:20am, follow with this snack bento. Kids love it, some ask for second... not bad. (".o)

Year of TIger Bento:
Cheese and ham wheat bread roll, grapes and strawberries.


  1. Oh my! You are crazy to make so much Bento for kids school! But they look great ;)

  2. haha... I really crazy cutting all the cheeses this morning.. every minutes count. luckily we finished in time... relax at home now... :p Thank you.

  3. all I can say:
    this is amazing!

  4. OMGosh; you're a bento machine! Lucky kids.

  5. wowww!!
    amazing, ever thought in my mind to do same thing for my kids' bday..but, i dun think..i would ever do it...and everything seems to be done neat n perfectly!!
    Happy bday to your son!!