Monday, March 22, 2010

What a nice weekend... great weather for outdoor activities, we went for Elson's T-ball game on Sat and Badminton on Sun. Almost couldn't wake up this morning. Let's mave a love love bento to light up Monday.

Mr and Mrs Froggy:
Mini pancakes, pork franks, cheeses, apples.


  1. You are right! Such a great sunny weekend^^ Hope spring will give us some more of those sunny days ^.^
    Your bento is really cute. Hehe, I love the heart eyes of Mrs. Froggy ;)

  2. Very cute! Reminds me of Pac Man!

  3. Thanks Lil'chan, Mr Frog just gave Mrs Frog a big diamond ring, that's right she is so happy love Mr Frog. :p

    Hey Bento Box... I gonna make a Pac Man Bento, just for you. thanks.