Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I promised Elson to make him bunny bento today, he still have a little running nose, so I'm trying to make it simple. Hope he get well soon for Easter break. \^.^/

Easter bunny:
Butter sandwich, carrots, apples and easter candies.


  1. Your simplicity is still fancy, Mama.

  2. love the tooth and the things you did with the red apple!!!

  3. Hihihi, what a funny looking little Easter Bunny! It's well done ;)

  4. Kawaii bunny! Hope your kid is getting better soon so he can enjoy the Easter-break :)

  5. Thanks for all the comments, Elson's still coughing at night, that's bad, it made him couldn't sleep well, and hard time to wake up for school. Need to continue make him Chinese pears soup for few days. \T.T/

  6. The little bunny looks so cheeky, cute!
    Mind to share the Chinese pears soup recipe? It helps to cure cough for kids? I'm really interested as my boys always cough and can hardly recover even after few course of medicines.

  7. Kids Dream Work, do you read Chinese? let me know if you don't. :p
    南北杏, 百合, 川貝燉雪梨:
    ﹣南北杏 (South North Almonds)
    ﹣川貝 chuan bei mu (Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae)
    ﹣百合 (Dried Lily Bulb)
    ﹣雪梨 (Chinese Pear) with skins
    ﹣冰糖 (Rock sugar)
    the below link has the similar recipe for HOW TO, I added on 百合 Dried Lily Bulb, it also good for coughing. It's work well for Elson, it's sweet, so he love to drink it.

  8. Yes I can read Chinese. Thanks for the recipe. Will try it out since it is sweet, I guess kids has no problem drinking it then!

  9. Great, Elson is getting much better, he slept very deep now, at least no coughing all night. try it to see if that work for your kid. :p