Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010-01-27 Double Cheese Burger

My son comment was "too cute", he want to have "non cute" lunch again,
Okay... I will try to make his lunch not cute tomorrow...
McDonald double cheeseburger and fries:
Burger (Mini bagel with cream cheese, lettuce, spam and cheese),
Fries (string cheeses and apples)


  1. this is one of the most clever bentos i have seen in a long time, you are so funny lian mama!

    hey, are you on twitter? i'd love to follow you!

  2. Ohhhh, I love it!!! Please submit it to WL even on my site, I'm sure my readers will love it too :)

  3. Love it! You can make cute bento for me instead ;) hehe

  4. Lian, cute burger! How wonderful if McDonald sell burger like this. Watch out McDonald for Lian Mama hehehe ... :D

  5. Okay...amazing how a Mickey D's burger can be fancied up! Makes me want one now.

  6. bentozen, thanks... but im not on twitter. only FB.

    Lil'chan, thanks thanks...

    Coffee and Vanilla, thanks. already add it to your site. hope your readers will love it too.

    Kashmirkat, thanks. :p

    Lia Chen, thanks, my son loves McDonald happy meal, but we don't bring him there all the time, only occasionally. he's very happy to see this, but he ask where is his toy. :p