Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiger and his dinner: Hong kong style sweet buns with butter, Ham & cheeses, Berkshire pork smoked sausage and grapes.


  1. Super cute! Love your bento. Left you an award on my blog, swing by and get it sometime if you'd like!

  2. such a sweet tiger, love the background paper too!

    looks like you are one popular lady -- i gave you an award too, at my blog bento zen! come pick it up, but it's all for fun, if you don't feel like doing it don't worry!

    i love looking at your bentos :-)

  3. That cat is soooo adorable :)

    Another award - lol - we're gonna end up in a loop ;)
    I've passed the Happy 101 award for you. Please come on by and pick it up!

  4. This is one of my favs of yours. Go tigers!

  5. thanks thanks...woo... so many awards... what do i do for this awards?